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JoinVision provides multi-lingual, semantic information extraction and matching services for the HR industry.

CVlizer effectively parses CVs and resumes of all kinds, as well as entire application portfolios.  JOBolizer  processes all types of online and offline job postings with ease and efficiency. MatchPoint is a state of the art semantic profile search and matching engine designed for successful recruitment.  

All products can easily be integrated into already existing systems and software architecture with minimum effort.

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„CVlizer is a popular feature at our customers – and their applicants.“

Lorenz Gräff BSc MBA, Head of Business Unit eRecruiter

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  • The path to the "Grand Masters"

    The path to the "Grand Masters"

    It was definitely the perfect choice to elect Mr. Egger, chief executive officer of the Austrian Shaolin Academy, for being the keynote speaker of our 10th anniversary celebration on April 28th 2016. His speech about the "Grand Masters" in the 'Vienna Justizcafe', a proper location high above the rooftops of Vienna's First District, was inspiring and moving, in the truest sense of the word. And for many of our guests it was a welcome opportunity to seek the dialogue with a real messenger of the order of the Shaolin.

  • 10 Years of JoinVision

    10 Years of JoinVision

    2006: Mozart-Year in Austria, in Germany wins FC Bayern Munich once again the football championship, in Swiss becomes Moritz Leuenberger the new Federal President, Pluto is the Planet Status annulled and … and JoinVision will be founded!

    Unbelievable how time is running: 10 Years JoinVision! 10 Years, in which semantic analysis of documents and information extraction became more and more our passion.


JoinVision is a premier supplier of multi-lingual, semantic recruiting technologies. CVlizer and JOBolizer automatically parse, analyze, and tag job postings and all documents used in job applications. MatchPoint provides a one-click solution for matching relevant job postings to the most suitable candidates and vice versa.In addition, HRexplorer offers online access to global job ads and candidate pools for additional variety and depth in recruiting.

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